Halton's professional kitchen hoods CodeMarkTM certified

Halton commercial kitchen hoods Codemark certifiedHalton range of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods have been awarded CodeMarkTM certification – meaning they are independently certified to comply with relevant clauses of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Halton is the first commercial hoods with Code Mark approval, giving specifiers and certifiers complete confidence that Halton products are compliant to relevant regulations.

Under the CodeMarkTM certification scheme, the current complete range of Halton Capture Jet Hoods and Ventilated ceiling produced by Halton licence manufacturer Stoddard, have been independently certified under Volume 1 F4.12 of the BCA – Kitchen local exhaust ventilation.

All certified Halton products will now feature a decal with the CodeMarkTM logo and Stoddart’s certificate number (SAIG-09-CM20024). This will make inspectors aware of the CodeMark certification. The accreditation process involved approvals of the Halton designs and performances to meet the requirements of the standard along with Stoddart’s manufacturing procedures. The company will continue to be regularly audited to ensure ongoing compliance to the CodeMarkTM certification scheme.

The addition of CodeMarkTM certification to the patented performance features of Halton make it a truly unique product in this industry. The Halton system extracts significantly less air from the kitchen, whilst maximizing the removal of cooking effluent, through a combination of the patented Halton Capture Jet TM and KSA cyclonic filters. This means significant savings on the set-up and running costs of the entire mechanical system, whilst reducing emissions and improving safety in the kitchen environment.

More information can be found about CodeMark by visiting the website of Australian Building Codes Board at http://www.abcb.gov.au/go/products/codemark/whatiscodemark.

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